Monday, March 29, 2010

Getting the Guinea Eggs

Uncle Chuck brought us the eggs and the incubator so we can get started. Here we have the three parts: the base, the eggs and the lid. Guinea hens roll the eggs around to make them hatch and the yellow part rotates the eggs.

The hens need heat and humidity to hatch. Evan pours the water which will make humidity when the incubator is turned on.

Dad is talking to us and our friend Sasha and showing us how to put the eggs into the base.

We have 29 eggs! Probably all of the eggs won't hatch, but we hope most of them will. The egs have to stay around 100 degrees!


  1. If you hatch a black guinea.... can I be first in line?? :-)

  2. There's quite a board of approval you'll have to pass to adopt some of these special babies. . . in addition to Aria and Evan's approval, I suspect you'll also need their Aunt Debby's, too.
    Have fun with this project! I wish Uncle Chuck had been raising guineas when my kids were small so we could've participated too.
    I'll be following closely!